The VPN Search

A couple weeks ago I started a search to the best VPN available. Below you can find a detailed list of the best VPNs I found. I hope this helps you find the best VPN for your needs.

IVPN β€” Best VPN for Privacy and Overall Use

After weeks of research, I have determined that IVPN is the best VPN for privacy and overall use. Here’s why:

  • It is operated outside of the Five Eyes countries, which are known for their intelligence-sharing agreements and surveillance practices.
  • It has strong encryption protocols to protect your data.
  • It accepts anonymous payment methods, including cryptocurrency and cash, for added security.
  • It has a strict no-logging policy, meaning that it does not keep any record of your online activity.
  • It supports OpenVPN, a widely-used and secure VPN protocol.

In addition to these privacy-focused features, IVPN also offers a range of useful tools, such as a firewall (VPN killswitch), multihop, anti-tracker, multiple protocols, port forwarding, split tunneling, WiFi control, custom DNS availability, IPV6 support, and torrenting. These can help you customize your VPN experience and protect your online presence in various ways.

IVPN’s standard plan starts at $6 per month, with discounts for longer subscriptions. Their PRO plan, which I would recommend, starts at $10 per month, with similar discounts. IVPN has a highly responsive support team with an average response time of around 3 hours. They also have an open-source platform, which you can access at

Torguard β€” Best VPN for Media Streaming

For those who prioritize media streaming, Torguard is a good option. While it is based in the US (one of the Five Eyes countries) and has a questionable reputation due to a data breach and reliance on Google DNS, it offers fast speeds and the ability to purchase a dedicated streaming VPN. However, it is more expensive than IVPN, starting at $10 per month for general use and $20 per month for streaming.

BrightVPN β€” Best Free VPN

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For those looking for a free VPN option, BrightVPN is worth considering. It is powered by companies that you may already trust and use, and it offers secure and fast connections. However, it is important to note that free VPNs may not always offer the same level of privacy and security as paid options. As always, it is important to carefully research and evaluate any VPN before using it.

DIY VPN β€” Create Your Own with a Cloud Service diy

Finally, if you want full control over your data and are comfortable with a DIY approach, you can create your own VPN using a cloud service. This tutorial is a helpful resource. Keep in mind that this option requires some technical knowledge and may not be suitable for everyone.

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